The success with the mental game of baseball has lead Rick to a whole new world of great opportunities working with a variety of professionals in different industries.  LEARN MORE

  • As a coach, Rick knows when
  • to push and kick your butt or when to back off and be your buddy.
  • As a teacher, Rick has an inspiring way to turn  anyone  into  a  positive force.

Harig Development Coach

  • Professional  Development

    Enhance Your Career

    Performance Goals                            
    Achievement Goals                            
    Action Goals                                     
    Employee Development                    
    Executive Coaching                         
    Leadership and Teamwork         
  • Personal  Development

    Self Improvement  

    Personal Growth                               
    Self Help                                   
    Weight Loss                                    
    Time Management                            
  • Baseball  Development

    Take Charge of Game

    Developing a Playing Philosophy       
    Redefining Success                           
    Mental Imagery and Visualization       
    PIFsTM and Linking                           
    Self Talk                                          
    Vision and Breathing Routines


From the Video Room

  • Need a Speaker?  Bring Rick in to your event!   Video made: 4/5/15


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