Keynote – Rick is considered an expert in the mental game of baseball. His powerful performance development process works for all areas of personal and professional growth, and now that businesses have discovered him he is coaching sales teams, customer service teams, management teams and any other group that wants to improve on what they do.

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I enjoyed your presentation recently in Rifle. The material was very helpful, was presented in a way that kept my attention, and motivated me to explore it further when I got home. In the short time since I have implemented what I learned I have been more motivated at work and in my outside activities and my staff have begun to set goals for themselves and for our program. I’m excited to see the benefits in 2016.

Darrin Scott
Town of Olathe, CO
Parks Director

Ricks talk really hit home with our people.  His approach at personally answering some simple yet profound questions like “ who do I want to be”,” how do I get there”, really motivated our team.  His ability to  relate  business principals to the game of baseball made it very easy  to understand the concepts Rick was talking about.   I would recommend him and his talk  to any business or sales team.   Thanks Rick !

Mike Scott
Crop Production Services
Marketing Manager

I have been to highly acclaimed professional development seminars and without a doubt, Rick’s presentation to our company was better than any of them. We brought Rick in to speak to our sales team and it went so well that we brought him back to work with our customer service department.

Steve Shaw
Hisco Colorado