Analytics | Mechanics | Mental Game


  • Strength in understanding pitch data with the ability to eliminate poor/wrong data usage due to my background and strong number sense
  • Utilizes data and digests it for usable coaching. The player does not always need to know everything the coach knows
  • Excels at pitch design using cutting edge information and technology
  • Pitch usage expert – understands where a pitcher’s stuff plays and what ratio to use it
  • Pitch Quality (PQ) modeling – studies PQ models and adds valuable insight to improve PQ assumptions and parameters
  • Highly proficient in advance scouting and understanding when such scouting should be applied and how best to give the information to the pitcher and the catcher
  • Uses analytics for rehab purposes to include fixed, portable, and wearable technology
  • Strong aptitude to teach/mentor/communicate about analytics in an easy to understand, non-threatening manner for both players, coaches and front office personnel

Biomechanics / Pitching Delivery

  • Pitching body-movement expert
  • Understands individual differences – no ‘cookie-cutter’ pitching mechanics program
  • Experience running a pitching mechanics team analyzing professional and amateur pitchers
  • Is often the ‘go-to-guy’ for changes to be made for struggling pitchers at all levels
  • Designs the rehab for all complex-based pitchers from a body-movement standpoint
  • Utilizes high speed video and appropriate technology and software to aid in analyzing pitchers’ delivery
  • Provides information to pitchers one concept at a time based on their readiness and ability to move forward

Mental Skills

  • Systematic in teaching and using proactive techniques to help pitchers bring their best-self to each pitch
  • Assists pitchers in developing a philosophy for them to understand who they are and who they want to become
  • Mentors pitchers on how to create performance standards – A pitching philosophy
  • Teaches pitchers how to create and use game goals/actions to make their performance standards come true
  • Effectively communicates in a way that helps pitchers to focus on what they want and what they control
  • Ties the mental game into the other aspects of pitching, as seen above, creating trust with a whole system
  • Collaborates with mental skills personnel and does not overshadow their curriculum