My Passions:

Family – My wife is my best friend and confidant and my boys are forging their own way by finding their passions and developing their best self.

Baseball – Baseball is a microcosm of life. I love baseball and life.

Math / Analytics – Modeling real world data with functions and having the number sense to understand what is viable/useable. I spent over 30 years teaching this topic.

Performance Development – How to bring your best-self to your next event.  I have spent my entire adult life developing a systematic way to do this.

Biomechanics – There is a reason some pitchers are efficient movers and injury free.  Pitching 200+ innings a year is no longer a norm. Only 13 pitchers did it in 2018. In comparison, 45 did it in 2010.

My Status:

I currently work for an MLB team in baseball operations and on the field coaching.

I am not actively looking for work; however, I get approached to talk to companies about professional development within their niche and am generally available in late fall and winter to do a keynote presentation.