My Passions:

Pitching – Science is changing the way the game is being played. Behavior is a result of a belief system. Changing belief systems is a process, but an open mind is key for transformation.  Due to my skill set, I fully understand these science-based changes and can pick and choose what can help an individual pitcher.  Perhaps I will even change some belief systems along the way. This is extremely significant.

Math / Analytics – Modeling real-world data with functions and having the number sense to understand what is viable/usable is something I excel at. I have a unique science/sport blend.  Using data the wrong way is a pet peeve of mine. Bad data can be worse than no data at all. This is extremely significant.

Performance And Development – How can you bring your best self to your next event? I have spent my adult life developing a systematic way to do this.  For me, mental toughness is the ability to recover from failure in real time. Many pitchers can’t do this and it is my job to help them learn how to bring their best self on the next pitch. This is extremely significant.

Biomechanics – High-speed video and movement technology have taken the guesswork out of mechanics coaching. No longer can coaches say something and use the pitch result as proof. The details are in the data.  However, it should be stated that the great pitchers of the past did something right, and that needs to be embraced. This is extremely significant.

Technology – Trackman, Rapsodo, Edgertronic, etc., have had a tremendous impact in pitch design and in understanding where “your stuff plays.” I have a keen interest in technology as it relates to baseball. Technology will continue to impact the game and should be embraced. This is extremely significant.

Coaching – It takes time to develop into a good coach. Human behavior is complex and a coach needs to understand how to reach different personality types. Just because something “worked for you” as a player does not mean it translates to everyone. If you have something they want, they will listen. This is an art. This is extremely significant.

Teaching – A good teacher not only is an expert in their subject, but they have the ability to explain difficult concepts in a way that their students can understand and apply. Coaches as well as players need someone to help them sift through all the information and a way to understand it. This is an art. This is extremely significant.

Learning – Curiosity is defined as the strong desire to know or learn something. I have many curiosities. Perhaps the one I have given the most energy to is the prediction of success. What traits does someone have that will predict their future? Why did we pick this pitcher? This is extremely significant.

My Status:

I currently work for an MLB team as the Florida Complex Pitching Coordinator, which includes being the Rehab Coordinator and coaching the pitchers on the complex team. I also run a Pitching Movement team where we grade amateurs as well as our own system of pitchers.

I am not actively looking for work; however, I get approached to talk to companies about professional development within their niche and am generally available in late fall and winter to do a keynote presentation.